Wednesday, June 1, 2016

47 YEARS!!!

WEDNESDAY MAY 25-16 8:00 am - Yesterday was our Wedding Anniversary.  It doesn't seem possible the years have really flown by.  I'm not one to go over in my mind 20 years ago, 25 years ago or 40 years ago, not all was - shall I say, comfortable - but we do have many, many  wonderful years to thank God for.  Our children are grown and our Grands are maturing into amazing young adults; in high school, college and in the military. So proud of you all. 
            So, what to do? What can we do or where can we go to celebrate?  Dinner.  Let's do dinner somewhere special.  We met with my cousin and his wife and walked down old St Peter-St Paul Street, Valletta, with its charming old architecture, stone carvings and wood gossip boxes.  You see the passing of time on these buildings and I wonder about the lives lived here in days past, who were they, what did they do, where are they now.  The old dirty, neglected doors are deceiving.  Open one and inside may be a beautiful lobby leading either to offices or a staircase to individual flats or perhaps a Villa is protected from view by the 10-12' high, narrow, grimy, double door. You can't tell. 
            We made our way to Nenu, The Artisan Baker with its clear glass floor entryway, down glass steps into the middle lower level to the restaurant.  Below again, through glass flooring you can view a display of old tables and the ovens used in antiquity to most recently.  In this particular bakery apparently sweet pastries and breads were made. We had a wonderful meal and then walked back into Valletta's centre for some Gelato and I danced - with Marlene, along with some other women - tourists, locals, who knows, to a familiar Italian folk tune, a musician was playing in the street.  What fun.  Caught our bus home exhausted from all the good food, laughs and dancing in the street.  How lovely.